Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Americans are so careless about diabetes ?

Atleast 50% of American popultion fear developing Diabetes,but they still continue with the unhealthy behaviors that boost their odds of getting the disease.
According to a survey conducted by American Diabetes Association,people don't want to change their lifestyle.The main cause of diabetes is overweight.Inactivity causes weight gain,which results in diabetes.Poor eating habits is another reason for this disease.
In America diabetes has gone up by 300% in last 20 years.
How can we cut our risk of getting diabetes ?
1. Weight Loss - This is very crucial for overweight people.30 minutes of physical activity 5 times a week can lower diabetes risk.
2.Unhealthy Eating Habits : Eat more fruits and vegetables.Taking care of your blood pressure will help in reducing diabetes.
3.Brisk Walking - Walking is very important and helps even if you have initial symptoms of the disease.
4.Sleeping at proper time at night also helps in reducing diabetes according to some doctors.