Sunday, October 07, 2007

Eating right can cut diabetes risk

With fast changing lifestyle,stress at workplace,consumption of junk food diabetes risk is increasing day by day.If one has diabetes, risk of cardio-metabolic disorders could not be ignored.
According to a study conducted by the Research Society for Diabetes in India (RSS-DI) following measures can help in fighting diabetes :
Regular Exercise - 5-km walk,weight reduction and proper diet
Yoga Asana - Like Halasana,Dhanurasana etc.
Methi Powder ( Fenugreek) controls diabetes.
No to polished rice and yes to protein
Patients should use edible oil from MUFA and PUFA equally.
MUFA oils - groundnut,olive,mustard,kanola
PUFA oils - Til (sesame),Ricebran,Sunflower
Also Eat less and eat on time
Eat right
Walk more
Sleep peoperly